Welcome to our website. Here’s a little bit of history about how we got here.
It all started as a Facebook page created by Carmelo Tortolano, our founder and president, where Italians and friends would post pictures, quotes and spread positivity.
Eventually a party was organized to raise funds for the cedars foundation in memory of Carmelo’s mother as well as for all those who lost a loved one to this terrible disease.
As time went by the decision was made to help autistic children and adults get not only awareness but also help them integrate into society. So another fundraiser event was organized to support Giant Steps and Galileo schools.
The outpouring of support was so phenomenal that a bowling event was introduced and was also successful.
Why do we continue to raise funds? The reason is simple, to give back to the community and help those who are less fortunate because we are grateful for what we have. The reason the italiani di Montreal è Amici became a non profit organization is to help the children in palliative care, raise awareness and money for the lighthouse as well as for Galileo who caters to adults with autism and integrate into society.

Your continued support is needed for us to continue our mission to help others because without the support and encouragement of our sponsors and guests we can’t succeed.
This website has been created for everyone to see what we plan to do as well as what we have accomplished so far.
We appreciate your support and encouragement in order for us to continue our mission to raise funds and continue helping Galileo, the cedar’s foundation as well as the lighthouse.
Finally, this is why our mission statement is “ALONE ONE CAN CREATE CHANGE, TOGETHER WE CAN CONQUER!

Let’s build something together.

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